The role of technology is fundamental for the activities carried out by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità to control, monitor and regulate road traffic and also to plan citizens' mobility, in order to improve access to public transport and to have a more efficient and sustainable private mobility.

Heart of these technological activities is the Mobility Control Centre, a telematics system integrated with ITS technologies (Intelligent Transport System) providing data and information to regulate flexible mobility and at the same time creating instruments to update with real-time information citizens, commuters and tourists.

The development of these ITS has provided Rome with a system of variable message signs along the main arterial roads, a network of CCTV cameras, traffic monitoring systems, centralised traffic light systems, electronic gates to check the access to Limited Traffic Zones  (ZTL) and bus lanes, red light and traffic speed cameras.

The Mobility Control Centre, together with other authorities and institutions operating on the same territory, manages programmed events affecting the mobility of the city, such as road works, public demonstrations and extraordinary events as well.

These technologies have a strategic role when informing citizens, with communication systems managed by the company or through open data available to webmasters and web developers.