Revision and expired license, new rules

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The deadlines for the review and the driving licence have changed again thanks to a recent regulation of the European Union, the 698, which came into force last June 4. With the car revision, if it expired before the month of February, you can continue to circulate (only within the national borders) until October 31. However, if the revision expired in February, the extension is valid in Italy until October 31 and in other EU countries until September 30. Finally, for revisions to be made between March and August, the validity’s extension will last, seven months after the expiry date in all the Union Countries. Motorcycles and mopeds (two, three and four-wheeled), registered in Italy, are excluded from further extensions contained in the European regulations. Therefore, with the revision expired or expiring by 31 July, they can circulate (on national territory) until 31 October. With regards to licences, those expiring from 1 February to 31 August are extended in validity (in all EU countries) for a period of 7 months from the expiry date indicated on the document. On the other hand, those who have a licence that expired on 31 January can continue to circulate (only in Italy) until 31 August.

- Mobility, rules and technological solutions –

Let's keep talking about mobility and rules. One topic is interpersonal distancing, and rationing. A proposal, as reported by the portal, comes from the Italian bus
components company “Bode Sud”, which has patented, for tourist buses, an ad hoc protection in transparent plastic material to be installed on the seats to contain the problem of the so- called “droplet” that is the droplet of saliva that can cause the transmission of coronavirus. The objective of the anti-droplet helmet, this is the name, is to allow a greater number of passengers on the bus and at the same time to give more peace of mind to those who travel. This protection covers the head of the passenger by acting as a barrier.
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