Riapre Cinecittà World - promozioni per gli iscritti Car Sharing

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Cinecittà World (the theme park dedicated to cinema and television) will reopen to the public on 17 June 2020, with the debut in the Stunt Arena, of a new show based on “Fast & Furious”, with breath-taking races, spins and gangs challenging each other to a background of music and pure adrenalin.

The renewed House of Horror is also thrilling, an animated journey with real actors among the horror sets in the underground below Cinecittà World.

Safety in the park is ensured by the anti-Covid regulations and an innovative technological platform – Smart Park – with all services being contactless using smartphones.

No more queues at any of the attractions, which are booked by mobile phone, as are tickets, food and all of the other services available in the park, including shopping, which can be done online in the new Cinecittà Worls E-Shop.

To celebrate its re-opening, Cinecittà World is offering Car Sharing Roma users:

  • 5 hours free use of the Car Sharing cars (hourly fee)* when they travel to Cinecittà World;
  • a € 5.00 discount on tickets to enter the park for the driver and up to 4 others travelling with them;
  • free parking in the Park.

To use this promotion, simply turn up ay the Park carpark in a Car Sharing Roma car, and you will be given a card for your free parking and for the € 5.00 discount on entrance to the Park.

* The discount will be applied automatically in subsequent bills.

Are you an employee of an organisation/company with a Mobility Manager?

All private organisations or companies that have appointed a mobility manager can sign up for our agreement, which provides for a single hourly rate (holiday and night rate) plus the standard kilometric rate. If, on the other hand, your organisation has not yet signed an agreement with Car Sharing Roma :


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