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If you are an individual or family contract customer, from April 1 and until September 30, 2023, you can travel with the long rental formula.

Book any car, excluding vans, from € 80.00 for a minimum of 48 hours of use and up to a maximum of 15 consecutive days. Each subsequent 24-hour block has a charge of € 40.00.
NB A kilometer rate of € 0.15 per km should be added to the daily rate and payment will be made at the end of the rental.

To book, simply send an email 7 days before departure to, stating your requirements.

In case of early return of the vehicle (more than 24 hours from the reservation request) a 50% discount will be applied on the remaining reservation cost (for example, 24 hours remaining: € 20.00 instead of € 40.00).

Happy vacations 2023 with Car Sharing Rome



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