Sharing electric scooters, the City opens to the market

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First “Expressions of Interest” have come from operators just a few days after the sharing of electric scooters announcement. The service, to operate smoothly with free flow, will have to respect minimum standards (provided by the guidelines approved by the Council last week) such as: the limit of vehicles, the specific areas to do the activity, and abide by rules on traffic and parking similar to those already provided for bicycles. The experimentation will last two years and will have to include geolocation with the GPS.

For each operator, the fleet will have to be composed of a minimum of 750 to a maximum of 1,000 vehicles. A maximum number of 16,000 scooters will be allowed throughout the entire territory of the capital. Each vehicle must be located in real time and operators must also guarantee insurance coverage for the use of the devices. "We have opened up the market to operators interested in investing in the sector and at the same time we are encouraging integrated and sustainable forms of mobility. All operators will have to comply with minimum requirements, such as the vehicle limit, traffic rules and real-time service data communication for constant monitoring of vehicles," said Mayor Virginia Raggi. "With this expression of interest we have promoted a new model of sharing. In fact, Rome is a candidate to be the leader in the offer of this service. We have also launched the first extraordinary plan to create new transitory bike lanes, where scooters can also circulate.

The first construction sites have already started on Thursday in the Eur area," explains the Councillor for the City in Motion, Pietro Calabrese. "Rome is confirmed as a city on the front line and open to sharing operators, even for scooters. An extra service to support traditional public transport and reduce private traffic," adds the chairman of the Mobility Committee, Enrico Stefàno.

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