Termini-Vatican-Aurelio tram line to the Ministry of Transport in October

After the summer, “by the end of October”, the Termini-Vatican-Aurelio (Tva) tram line will be unveiled to the Minstry of Transport, “as part of the new tender, with other words, for requesting funds”. This was made public by the President of the Rome Mobility commission, Enrico Stefano, during the meeting held on 13 July at the Aranceria di San Sisto. The new line will be 8 kilomteres long, from the current tram terminus at Termini to Via della Pineta Sacchetti. It will pass through Piazza della Repubblica, Via Nazionale, Largo Magnanapoli, Via IV Novembre and Via del Plebiscito. On the latter two roads, the Roma Servizi per la Mobilità technicians have managed to find the minimum curvature usable and to design the route on two tracks, albeit in the vicinity of private traffic in this stretch. The line will then continue on Largo Argentina, Corso Vittorio (where trams will pass close to the pavement, which will be widened, leaving private traffic in the centre portion) and will cross the Tiber over two bridges. Lastly, after the Amedeo Savoia tunnel, the route will reach Via Porta Cavalleggeri and enter the existing preferential system on Via Gregorio VIII, up to Cornelia and Pineta Sacchetti. There will be no car parking spaces lost in the central portion, and as regards the timeframes involved, Mr. Stefano said, “after submitting the request for funding in October, the Ministray of Transport could confirm the works and resources by the Spring of 2021. We will then need to wait for the timeframes of the agreement, thus reaching early 2022, and the tender will then be made public, which will be awarded in about one year. The works could thus begin in 2023”.