Traffic barriers in the city, installations continuing

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New accesses controlled by video
cameras Expand the number of preferential lanes monitored by video cameras. The Roma Servizi
mobility plan involving the installation of barriers in various areas of the city is continuing. 6 out of
the 10 barriers in the latest batch are ready, and those for the coming months are being planned,
starting with those that will be activated by the end of the year in key areas such as viale Libia
(African quarter), via Emanuele Filiberto, via Cicerone (Prati), via Volturno and on the Laurentino
corridor. However, the “key issue” remains the area of the historical centre of the city. On Friday 5
June, during the Roma Capitale Mobility Commission meeting, focus was on the electronic barriers
“aiming” at via del Corso, especially the stretch of road from Piazza Venezia to Largo Chigi. This is
a part of the historical street, already included in the traffic limitation zone, reserved for public
transport only (including taxis), but is often flooded by unauthorised vehicles. This is a bad habit
which can very probably be solved quickly by the video cameras recording the transgressors. This
would have an immediate benefit on the time taken by buses to complete their routes in the city. In
order to guarantee adequate information on the novelties being introduced for the citizens,
residents and business owners, a communication campaign will be started based on that used last
year, which worked very well, for the activation of the electronic barriers in the Tridente traffic
limitation zone.
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