Trains and operational centre

The "driverless" trains
Metro line C trains do not have a driver on board, they are controlled and guided by the "driverless" System for Integral Automation, which allows to manage the line in a fully automatical manner, ensuring maximum efficiency of the gear trains and their safety in all aspects.
Each train consists of 6 air-conditioned carriages, with 204 seats and a maximum capacity of 1,200 passengers. Head and tail carriages have spaces for disabled people and to carry on bicycles.
The cruising speed is 35 km/h, and a maximum of 80 km/h.
The Depot (Graniti area) and the Management Operations Centre
The Deposit/Workshop of Line C is the operational and technological core of the new line and was created based on the standards foreseen for the Integral Automation System. In a separate building there is the Management Operations Centre, from which the trains are driven and controlled remotely.
From here are given all the commands and the specialized staff, by means of video surveillance and intercom communication placed in the stations and on board the trains, control the movement of the trains and the passenger safety.