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On this page you will find links to download the datasets made available by the Agency. To use it requires no registration, but you must accept the user's license.
List of datasets
Public transport network
The network is typically updated a couple of times a week. The dataset uses the format GTFS. 
Geographic datasets
These datasets use the format GeoServices REST.
Information on how to use the services with QGIS
Boundaries and location of LTZ gates
Historic Centre daytime [Gates] [Borders]
Historic Centre nighttime [Gates] [Borders]
Rione Monti [Gates] [Borders]
San Lorenzo [Gates] [Borders]
Testaccio [Gates] [Borders]
Trastevere daytime [Gates] [Borders]
Trastevere night [Gates] [Borders]
Tridente [Tridente ZTL Gates] [Borders]
Villa Borghese [Gates] [Borders]
Green belt boundaries
Railway ring borders
LTZ merchandise distribution borders
Boundaries of access areas for tourist buses [Zone 1] [Zone 2]
Traffic light installations
Park and ride
Regional railways in concession
Rome - Giardinetti
Rome - Giardinetti route
Giardinetti - Rome route
Rome - Giardinetti stops
Giardinetti - Rome stops
Rome - Lido
Rome - Lido route
Lido - Rome route
Rome - Lido stops
Lido - Rome stops
Rome - Viterbo
Rome - Viterbo route
Viterbo - Rome route 
Rome - Viterbo stops
Viterbo - Rome stops
FL1 Orte - Rome Tiburtina - Fiumicino Airport
Fiumicino - Orte stops
Fiumicino - Orte route
Orte - Fiumicino stops
Orte - Fiumicino route
LEONARDO EXPRESS - Termini - Fiumicino Airport
Termini - Fiumicino stops
Termini - Fiumicino route
Termini - Fiumicino stops
Fiumicino - Termini route
FL2 Tivoli - Lunghezza - Rome Tiburtina
Rome - Tivoli stops
Rome - Tivoli route
Tivoli - Rome stops
Tracciato - Rome route
FL3 Viterbo Porta Fiorentina - Rome Ostiense
Rome - Viterbo stops
Rome - Viterbo route
Viterbo - Rome stops
Viterbo - Rome route
FL4 Rome Termini - Albano Laziale
Stops (Rome-Albano, Albano-Roma)
Route (Rome-Albano, Albano-Roma)
FL4 Rome Termini - Frascati
Stops (Rome-Frascati, Frascati-Rome)
Route (Rome-Frascati, Frascati-Rome)
FL4 Rome Termini - Velletri
Stops (Rome-Velletri, Velletri-Roma)
Route (Rome-Velletri, Velletri-Roma)
FL5 Civitavecchia - Rome Termini
Stops (Rome-Civitavecchia, Civitavecchia-Roma)
Route (Rome-Civitavecchia, Civitavecchia-Roma)
FL6 Rome Termini - Frosinone - Cassino
Stops (Rome-Cassino, Cassino-Rome)
Route (Rome-Cassino, Cassino-Rome)
FL8 Rome Termini - Nettuno
Stops (Roma-Nettuno, Nettuno-Rome)
Route (Roma-Nettuno, Nettuno-Roma)
Metro A
Stops (Anagnina-Battistini, Battistini-Anagnina)
Route (Anagnina-Battistini, Battistini-Anagnina)
Metro B
Stops (Laurentina-Rebibbia, Rebibbia-Laurentina)
Route (Laurentina-Rebibbia, Rebbibbia-Laurentina)
Metro B1
Stops (Laurentina-Jonio, Jonio-Laurentina)
Route (Laurentina-Jonio, Jonio-Laurentina)
Metro C
Stops (Pantano-Parco di Centocelle, Parco di Centocelle-Pantano)
Route (Pantano-Parco di Centocelle, Parco di Centocelle-Pantano)
ISO 9001