Clearance from the administration for funds for the underground and transferring the Roma-Pantano

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On the evening of 2 December, the Capitoline administration approved a resolution for the allocation of 1.2 million Euros for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on line A. Eugenio Patanè, head of Mobility for Roma Capitale, said, “the approval of this resolution is a major step in the hugely important work we are called upon to carry out in terms of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of railways and rolling stock to ensure the safety of the trains and users.” The gradual overhaul of the trains on the A and B lines, awarded to Alstom, has already started. There is also news on the transfer from the Region to the local administration of the Roma-Pantano railway (now Termini-Centocelle). The approval of the resolution by the administration completes the process, while awaiting the decisions of the Capitoline Assembly, for the transfer from Lazio Region to Roma Capitale of the railway line, one of the so-called ex concessions. This will enable the start-up of vital project for the next Jubilee in 2025, for which the Campidoglio has already allocated the necessary funds, for the transformation of the railway line into a tram route and for the construction of the Termini-Giardinetti-Tor Vergata section. The administration then gave the go-ahead (which was then also given by the Senate) for the resolution giving mandate to the Director of the Assets of Roma Capitale to purchase the former Atac warehouse in Piazza Bainsizza. The purchase of the property would be an important step towards sustainable mobility in Rome; the structure (the only one in the north quadrant) could house a consistent number of the electric buses in the Atac fleet, comprising about 50o vehicles, that Atac will be able to purchase thanks to the Pnrr.