Council gives green light to Strategic Operational Plan

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Green light from the Giunta Capitolina to the resolution that gives mandate to Roma Capitale to approve the Strategic Operational Plan 2021-2023 of Roma Servizi per la Mobilità. The Plan provides for a series of actions aimed at the optimization of business processes, the digitization of services and the enhancement of staff, with the harmonization of current professional profiles and the recruitment of new specialized personnel. "Regarding the cost optimisation aspect, of interest is the new corporate headquarters project that unifies the two currently existing structures "reads a note from the Capitol Hill. The digitisation project is both internal and at the service of citizens, with the creation of a new mobility centre, in a Maas (Mobility as a service) perspective, to adapt it to the challenges related to innovation in the mobility sector. "Thanks to the approval of this resolution, the reorganisation of the company has been initiated to enable it to face future challenges in the best possible way, starting with the Pnrr, Jubilee 2025 and Expo 2030. In particular, the technological innovation we want to bring, through the introduction of Maas systems, requires this reorganisation to make Rome one of the most important hubs in terms of technological innovation in transport systems," commented Mobility Councillor Eugenio Patanè.

"The approval of the three-year Strategic Operational Plan by the Capitol Hill, confirms and strengthens the role assumed in recent years by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità. The company works daily, and will work even more, to bring the city to the levels of the great European and world metropolises in terms of infrastructure and services for mobility and environmental sustainability." Thus Stefano Brinchi, president and CEO of Roma Servizi per la Mobilità. "Topics that have always represented the heart of all its activities - continues Brinchi - The main objective is to provide a public transport network that represents a real and efficient alternative to private transport. Precisely for this reason, the work has focused, and is focusing, in particular, on the design of the new tram lines provided by the Pums (Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility). In addition to the four already approved and financed in view of the Jubilee, a few days ago, after the tender launched last spring, contracts were signed for the design of technical and economic feasibility of seven other routes that will arrive in the center and in the suburbs. Once the design phase is completed, it will be possible to apply for funding to start the construction sites. "The work on the new Mobility Center is now in its final stages and will be further digitized for the benefit of citizens. Users will be provided with an App from which they can keep every aspect of mobility under control. From the smartphone, it will be possible to purchase an integrated ticket for public transport, it will be possible to rent any sharing vehicle (from cars to scooters) from the operators present in Rome, it will be possible to know in advance, thanks to the new technologies, the travel times. "Roma Servizi per la Mobilità has environmental sustainability as a primary objective also in its corporate policies. We will have a new and unique headquarters. Smaller and less expensive than the current two. The reduced size of the space to be dedicated to RSM will allow us to consolidate the smart working mode that today - in line with a path started in 2019, well before the pandemic - affects part of the staff. Already now, employees benefit from an App for recording attendance and daily activities performed. When fully operational, again remotely, it will be possible to reserve workstations for those who need to physically go to the office. "In the new location, as in the current ones, all actions will be taken to accommodate with maximum comfort those who decide to come to work by bike. Still on the subject of personnel, finally, the three-year plan has provided for the inclusion of new human resources and the contractual harmonization of current employees. It is confirmed the will of the Administration to focus strongly on the Mobility Agency both for actions related to the optimization of current mobility systems and for the realization of the city of the future, also aiming at supporting the Administration on innovative technologies applied to the most futuristic means of transport: new park for green public transport with supercapacitors and hydrogen, up to the Urban Air Mobility. A healthy company that in recent years has closed its accounts in surplus and cleared the overdue with suppliers", concludes Brinchi.


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