Get the “Roma corre in bici” App active! The App dedicated to cyclists

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The "Roma corre in bici"(Rome runs on bike) app is now fully operational after two months of public testing in which about 1,300 citizens took part.

The App is a tool designed for the use and consumption of users of pedal-powered bicycles, developed in collaboration with the ROMA TRE University and Sara Assicurazioni. It allows you to monitor your movements constantly, keeping track of the calories consumed and carbon dioxide emissions saved by not using a motor vehicle. Through “Roma corre in bici” it will be possible to "reward" people according to the distance covered by cycling. The app provides for an accumulation of credits directly proportional to the number of kilometres cycled. Private citizens can 'spend' them, translating them into discounts, in participating businesses.

Employees of companies participating in the initiative (Roma Servizi per la Mobilità is already receiving many requests from both shops and workplaces) can receive benefits in the form of welfare.

Becoming part of the world of “Roma core in bici is easy. Both businesses, through their mobility managers, and shops can write to

"We firmly believe in the marriage between sustainable mobility and technology - says Stefano Brinchi, president and CEO of Roma Servizi per la Mobilità -. The App we have created is a further example in this sense and represents another step towards the construction of a city that is increasingly cyclist- and pedestrian-friendly. We would like to thank Sara Assicurazioni and Roma Tre University for their fundamental support.

"We stand by Roma Servizi per la mobilità and RomaTre to underline the importance of insurance protection for young road users," says Alberto Tosti, General Manager of Sara Assicurazioni. New mobility needs have led to a rediscovery of the bicycle and our commitment is to protect the safety needs of these new forms of mobility.


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