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Atac emerges from bankruptcy arrangement.

Translated by V. Zelada.

The company can return to investment Nearly 180 million recovered in just over a year.

On Capitol Hill, Mayor Roberto Gualtieri, with Mobility Councillor Eugenio Patanè and Atac General Manager Alberto Zorzan announced Atac's exit from the arrangement procedure. "This is an important result obtained for the company and for the entire city, thanks to the commitment of the Council, the Departments involved and the Capitoline Assembly through a joint effort that has allowed almost 180 million to be recovered in just over year, allowing Atac to pay off its debts with unsecured creditors, with a residual requirement, as of November 30, 2022, of 117 million euros," the City Council explained in a note. "Work has been done on four financing items: the collection of residual receivables for 24 million from Roma Capitale - stopped for a very long time and which through the work of the offices have been unblocked and paid - 23 million from the sale of strategic real estate to the deposit plan and mobility policies and recovered almost 15 million from the closure, after 13 years, of the transaction between Roma Capitale and the Roma Tpl Company." According to Mayor Gualtieri, "We are talking about the closure of a procedure that had been looming over Atac since 2017, which started with 1.3 billion in debt and with the new administration having a burden of 180 million to find in one year. Now Atac is regaining financial and investment capacity, can return to bidding, can engage in new frontiers of development and business; particularly in technology, which is key for us in the Mobility as a Service framework, and can envisage new investments without the need for provisions. To have completed a business of this magnitude within one year is a historic achievement." "The positive conclusion of the arrangement," explained Councillor for Mobility, Eugenio Patanè, "is extraordinary news because it represents the fundamental prerequisite for the objectives that the Council has placed at the center of its political project to improve public and collective mobility at the expense of private transport. Closing the arrangement positively is also extremely important because in the four-year time horizon, that will form the basis of the new service contract; Atac will be called upon to complete the process of economic and financial recovery and to progressively and steadily improve its quantitative and qualitative service performance. With the closure of the arrangement, from January 1, 2023; the company will finally be able to return to making major investments." We warmly welcome the positive and early conclusion of the arrangement plan," commented Atac General Manager Alberto Zorzan, "and now investments and other activities can resume, starting with the possibility of launching a half-billion tender for streetcars, the most important in Europe. The cars will arrive by the Jubilee. We will also renovate the Porta Maggiore depot in addition to equipping the new one in the former Meat Center."