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B-line underground, city administration allocates 20 million for 55 transfer points

Translated by V. Zelada.

The Rome city administration has approved the final project for the replacement and supply of 35 escalators and 20 elevators in the stations on the B-line of the underground, allocating a total of more than € 20 million. The escalators will be replaced as follows: six each at Magliana, Ponte Mammolo, Larentina and San Paolo stations, four each at Garbatella and Piramide, two at Termini and one at Colosseo. As regards the elevators, five will be replaced at Laurentina, three at Ponte Mammolo, two each at Marconi, Garbatella, Piramide, Magliana and San Paolo and one each at EUR Fermi and EUR Palasport. “Since the days immediately after we took office, we have included among our priorities the refurbishment of the escalators and elevators providing access to the underground, enabling the immediate reopening of stations which in some cases had bene closed for years because of maintenance work on these systems,” said the Mayor Roberto Gualtieri. “We continued with conviction, working on other stops and we are now further accelerating the project, with a precise and accurate chronological schedule, enabling interventions to be made on the systems before the end of their useful lifetime, preventing the inconveniences and closures that occurred in the past. We will replace 35 escalators and 20 elevators on the B-line, investing € 20 million to provide all citizens with a strategic and quality service.”. The Mobility Assessor, Eugenio Patanè, said, “the resolution passed today confirms this administration’s focus and commitment towards the renewal of all transport infrastructures which, contrarily to the past, is allocating funds to replace escalators and elevators the useful lifetime of which will end between 2024 and 2028. One of the first questions we dealt with was that of the transfer points, which have for years suffered from a lack of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.”.