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City Council gives okay to project to reopen Cornelia park

Translated by V. Zelada.

The Capitoline Assembly unanimously approved the resolution proposed by the Council that recognizes public interest and allows the 'Parking Cornelia' in Piazza dei Giureconsulti to be unblocked through project financing (involving private investment).

"I thank the Chamber," commented Eugenio Patanè, councillor for Mobility of Roma Capitale, immediately after the vote. Parking Cornelia, he recalled, "is a work inaugurated in 2001 and closed in 2006 due to problems of various kinds, starting with the automation system that immediately showed serious shortcomings. Parking Cornelia, with its more than 250 bays, has a strategic function both as an interchange for the Metro A (at the Cornelia station, ed.) and to take cars off the road in view of the construction of the Termini-Vatican-Aurelio tramway."

After the approval in the Council, the councillor concluded, "today, thanks to the vote of the Capitoline Assembly, we are taking another step forward for the realization of a work much awaited by a quadrant of the city that between the metro, commercial activities and health facilities has a great need for parking."

The goal, is to recover the parking lot in view of the Jubilee 2025. An important junction, with Metro A, Aurelia, Via Gregorio VII.

The goal of the Capitoline Administration is to recover by 2025 the 250 parking spaces, as well as 14 parking bays for motorcycles and for people with disabilities. Charging points with electric columns are planned for eco-friendly vehicles.