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Council gives green light for new urban parking plan guidelines

Translated by V. Zelada.

The Council of Roma Capitale has approved a resolution with the Guidelines of the new PUP - Urban Parking Plan - in which it defines the criteria and rules to be followed for the location of interventions aimed at the provision of parking spaces and for the identification of the economic operator. The approval of the Guidelines is preparatory to the future approval of the New PUP.

With the aim of overcoming the most critical aspects highlighted during the implementation of the previous PUP, the construction of parking facilities must meet certain criteria: necessity for the city's mobility system; effectiveness of the proposed solutions on the reuse of urban spaces for pedestrians and public transport; recovery of surface spaces to be used for city services; effective guarantees in terms of the quality of the projects and works realised; implementation of a real process of sharing with the citizens in agreement with the Municipalities territorially concerned.

"It is our intention to make a change in the parking sector because we consider it fundamental to reactivating the city's mobility system," said Roma Capitale's Councillor for Mobility Eugenio Patanè "which is why we have decided to make significant changes to the previous Plan. First of all, we have eliminated the procedure whereby it was sufficient for the proposer to have the administration's approval of the Pup sheet in order to begin the work. After the work was completed, the proponents would privately sell the parking spaces and then pay the concessionary charges to the municipality. We have replaced this mechanism with the introduction of the competitive procedure. Another novelty is the one concerning the historical centre where, in line with the administration's policies of progressively reducing private traffic, only pertinent parking lots can be built. For the area outside the Aurelian Walls, appurtenant and rotating parking spaces can be built and, from Fascia 3 of the PGTU, exchange parking spaces".

Moreover, "compared to the previous Plan," Patanè adds, "there are no parking proposals that envisage the construction of garages, but only structures with parking stalls. Finally, a fundamental role of the Municipalities will be to evaluate the proposals and the places where the new parking areas will be built. In addition, the Municipalities will be able to directly manage the public procedures, maintenance and management of the surface areas.