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Green Zone, the traffic restrictions currently in effect

Translated by V. Zelada.

Stop from Monday to Saturday (24 hours a day), excluding midweek holidays

The ordinance confirming the restrictions, in the new Green Zone, for the most polluting vehicles, in effect since last November, has been renewed until June 30.

The stop affects, from Monday to Saturday (24 hours a day), excluding midweek holidays, gasoline cars up to Euro 2; diesel cars up to Euro 3; mopeds and motorcycles, gasoline and diesel, Euro 0 and 1. Euro 2 diesel minicars  continue to be exempt from the block, for the time being. Here is the ordinance with the full list of exemptions. Specifically, the exemptions can be found on page 5.

The ordinance, is reminded, is until June 30 but the measure is permanent. The ordinance is in effect pending the completion of the signaling plan for the new Green Limited Traffic Zone. A plan, which also includes the installation of cameras for automatic access control.