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Maintenance, Capitolin council gives the ok to release 20 million euros to remake 40 kilometers of roads

Translated by V. Zelada.

Almost all municipalities affected

An allocation of more than 20 million euros. The Capitoline Council has approved the final projects for the restyling of about 40 kilometers of roads in Rome's main road system. More than 50 roads will be completely redeveloped: the interventions will mainly involve deep resurfacing of the road platform and restoration of horizontal and vertical road signage. Also planned, where necessary, are works on sidewalks, mowing of weed vegetation, and restoration of roadside verges and storm drains. The works will affect almost all the municipalities on which work was not previously done under previous Framework Agreements. The streets involved are: via della Camilluccia, lungotevere dell'Acqua Acetosa, viale Oceano Atlantico, via Tor de' Schiavi, via Ponte di Nona, via di Fioranello, Arco di Travertino, viale Libia, via Ugo Ojetti, viale della Primavera, viale Jonio, viale Eritrea and via della Giuliana. The work will be coordinated by the Csimu Department of the Roma Capitale Public Works Department, which will start the construction sites by next summer. We will manage to intervene on 800 km of roads under the Campidoglio's jurisdiction by the end of our term of office by taking advantage of all possible tools, from the direct intervention of our Csimu Department, to agreements with Anas and Jubilee funds, upgrading in depth arteries that are fundamental for the city's road system and its safety”, says the Mayor Roberto Gualtieri. Those that we have approved in the Council," he continues, "are final projects that will turn into dozens of overnight construction sites over the next few months, going to affect the entire Capitoline territory, from the most central to the most peripheral areas. An unprecedented commitment that has already seen us upgrade almost 200 km of Roman roads in just over a year, to which soon another 40 km will be added". "We are moving forward," comments Roma Capitale Public Works Councillor Ornella Segnalini, "with the impressive road works that have allowed us to already upgrade a good part of the main road system. With this additional 20 million euros we can add more roads to those already upgraded. Starting in 2021, first with the Framework agreements signed with Anas and then with the great work of Csimu, we have begun to give a new face to the Roman arteries. Segnalini concludes. "Safety works carried out at night aims to bring the city to a complete redevelopment by the end of its mandate.