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Metro C, work on elevators in Pantano and Grotte Celoni stations

Translated by V. Zelada.

Al lavoro la Commissione esaminatrice della revisione dei convogli

The Mobility Councillor Eugenio Patanè announced that all trains will be in service on Line C for the start of the next school year. "In compliance with the Infrastructure Decree, the Municipal Administration has identified that the independent Technical Commission will examine the overhaul of Metro C trains. The Commission, which will complete its work on 19 August, is made up of top experts in the field: the dean of the Faculty of Engineering Professor Antonio D'Andrea, Professor Antonio Culla and Professor Alessandro Ruvio. If the results are positive, we expect to have all the trains on line for the start of the new school year'.

"According to the provisions of the rule included in the Dl Infrastrutture recently approved by the government, which provides for the possibility of extending the overhaul of expiring trains by holding the operator responsible for carrying out a risk analysis and ascertaining the capacity of the trainsets to continue their service; an independent technical examining commission has been identified, which; after completing its work, will pass the documentation to Ansfisa. The Agency, after examining the documents and carrying out the tests, will give the go-ahead for the trainsets to be put back into service. We apologise to the citizens, who are still forced to endure delays and inconveniences on a line that today only has a few trains in service, due to the serious situation inherited from the lack of overhauls, but in a few weeks the Metro C service will be back to full efficiency".