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Metro C, work on elevators in Pantano and Grotte Celoni stations

Translated by V. Zelada.

Inside the Metro C lines of Pantano and Grotte Celoni stations, work has begun on upgrading the "parachutes" (the explanation is later in the article) of the elevators.

Two teams per station are engaged in the interventions so as to work simultaneously on four systems. "The disassembly of the components is currently underway and by the end of this week the replacement with the new elements will begin to allow the reopening of the installations," The chairmen of the Capitoline Mobility and Tourism commissions, Giovanni Zannola and Mariano Angelucci, made this known in recent hours. "This is very important news for commuters," they added, "and in particular for all people with reduced mobility who had long signaled the need for working facilities. Delays have been accumulated in recent years that this administration is addressing starting with priorities.

One of these is equipping Metro C stations that had inadequate or facilities not working and compliant elevators. Also, today, thanks to the attention of the Councillor for Mobility, Eugenio Patanè, there is a defined timetable of interventions that will continue on the other metro stations SO to reopen the elevators and finally affirm the right to mobility for all." The instant or progressive parachute, along with the speed limiter, plays a key role in the safety of the elevator and the people inside.