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Metro A modernization, partial closures in August to speed end of work

Translated by V. Zelada.

Three steps planned
Partial closures in the middle two weeks of August to bring forward the end of work currently scheduled for January, carrying out excavation and track and sleeper laying work with a very high impact on structures. To ensure that service on Metro A will be available again on the entire line even in the evening hours from the beginning of the Christmas period, Atac says in a note that it plans to carry out demolition and reconstruction work on tracks, in very critical positions, in the two central weeks of August, committing the specialized contractor and its technicians in the middle of the weekday period. Atac explains that "these are burdensome interventions on the ballasts, in past years never carried out and only 'plugged'. Carrying out these indispensable but extremely demanding activities with more efficiency, however, involves prolonged intervention on the site that is not compatible with the usual nighttime closures." The August closure schedule will consist of three steps. The first, from August 11 to 13, will involve the closure of only the Anagnina to Cinecittà section, with work beginning from the end of service on August 10. Only the Anagnina and Cinecittà stations will be closed and a shuttle bus service will be activated between Subaugusta and Anagnina. The second phase will run from August 14 to August 18 with work starting from the end of service on August 13 and involves the closure of the central section of the line. The service will run between Arco di Travertino and Anagnina and between Ottaviano and Battistini. A shuttle bus service will be activated on the interrupted section between Ottaviano and Arco di Travertino. The third phase will last from Saturday, August 19 to Thursday, August 24. The section between Termini and Anagnina will be in operation, while the stations between Repubblica and Battistini will remain closed to passenger service: in fact, it is in that section that the particular conformation of the tunnel entails the need for prolonged construction work. On the interrupted section, that is, between Termini and Battistini, a shuttle bus service will be activated. From Friday, August 25, the service will resume on the entire line, adopting the usual weekday closing time of 9 p.m., until the first half of December, when service may be available again on the entire line. All this is in anticipation of completing the track renewal work on the last section of Metro A to be built (Ottaviano - Battistini), included among the Jubilee 2025 projects, an intervention that will be activated downstream of the procedures for awarding the works.