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Mobility at the Capitol Hill: transportation free for under-19s is the target

Translated by V. Zelada.

Administration working to define timing and modalities of the target measure

Targeting young people, making it easier for them to travel around the city, to revolutionize mobility in the Capital.

With this goal comes the Capitoline Assembly's proposal, approved in the budget adjustment, to allocate 10 million euros to guarantee free local public transportation for the under-19s. So far, this free ride is reserved only for children up to 10 years old.

"At the moment," reads the Roma Capitale website, "there are about 52,000 children with a 35-euro monthly pass or a 250-euro annual ATAC card, half of whom are paid at lower prices, based on the Isee of the applicant's family. The Capitol wants to reach 400,000 young people, adjusting some services according to their needs.

The Administration "is working to define modalities of use and timing for the adoption of the measure, coordinating the structures involved and evaluating with the councillors of Budget and Mobility, the best ways to apply it quickly."