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Mobility, Councillor Patanè takes stock of initiated and future progamms

Translated by V. Zelada.

Work on mobility in Rome is beginning to "come to a head." On social media, the Capitoline Councillor for Transport, Eugenio Patanè, summarized the 10 measures launched in recent months by the Administration. "We have approved in the Council," he wrote, "the entrusting to Atac of the purchase of 411 electric buses that will replace a quarter of the company fleet; the usufruct for Atac of 75 twelve-meter mild buses and signed the new Contract of Service with Roma Servizi per la Mobilità.

And again, "Mayor Roberto Gualtieri issued the ordinance for the introduction for the first time in Rome of second Taxi guides that will increase the supply of non-scheduled public transport on the road, especially at times of peak demand. The Capitoline Assembly voted on the new Taxi and Ncc regulations with very important innovations that make life easier for users and operators. The contracting determination that allows Invitalia already this week to publish the tender for the new tramway Tva - Termini - Vaticano - Aurelio has been made executive."

The deadline for the submission of bids for the tramway convoy tender, published last January, by the summer the awarding has been concluded, Patanè further explained. The executive plans for another important environmental island and zone 30, that of Fonte Meravigliosa in the IX Municipio, have reached completion; the tender will be published shortly. The Atac timetables for putting metro elevators back into service are certain, and 91 percent of the facilities will be functional by September thanks to the programming and investments allocated (at the beginning of the legislature we were at 60 percent of functioning facilities).

Lastly, "Tap&Go operating data on buses have arrived and the results are outstanding: 23 million tickets sold. A method that also helps us recover fare evasion. By moving a small pebble," he concluded, "the mountain has come down considering the response of citizens.