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New Green Zone, Patanè: “In a week new proposals on the rules”

Translated by V. Zelada.

The alderman then announced the return of the tram line 8 from September


The Capitoline Councillor for Transport, Eugenio Patanè, during the Public Works Committee of the Lazio Regional Council, speaking on the on changes to the city's new Green Zone, released:

"we are obliged to keep health, air quality and social justice together. The first key step we need to take is to analyze the 2022 and 2023 air quality data to try to understand if they have improved or worsened, in order to make new assumptions. Then we will offer new packages to amend the resolution on the Green Zone taking into consideration regional constraints but also social rights. With the aim of consistently reviewing the access arrangements. We will present them in about a week."

Among the levers to be operated was that of economic incentives. "Aid from superordinate bodies is fundamental. There is the relationship with the Ministry of Economy and Finance to try to understand what can be done. I am thinking of targeted incentives for low Isee thresholds or for certain categories. This can be a very important help alongside the total 25 million put in by the air plan for specific incentives."

"The agency that monitors the quality of services of the Municipality of Rome," added the alderman, "has given us a correct picture of public transport present in the city today. In the Green Zone we have a quantity and quality of transport equal to that of all other cities. What we we can’t compete on is the service to the suburbs, which are poorly served.

"However, I want to mention one thing: the National Transport Fund is distributed in a totally unfair way, with 87 euros per person in Rome against 233 in Milan. Something  unacceptable. This means that 30-40 million kilometers of extra service that we should be doing we  unable to do them."

In the Green Zone, it should be remembered, that there is currently a stop for Euro 0, 1 and 2 cars from Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays. also Euro 3 cars fueld by diesels are banned. A ban is also applied to Euro 0 and 1 scooters and motorcycles.

The regulations included in last November's Municipal Resolution 371, which will be accompanied by surveillance cameras, currently provide for the ban in this Green Zone to be progressively extended to other types of vehicles: Euro 4 diesels from next November and Euro 3 gasoline from November 2024. However, now the Capitol has announced possible changes.

"Tram line 8 retuns in September. In time for the opening of the schools," added Councillor Patanè finally, within  the same committee. The line is currently serviced with buses.