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Night roadworks in the First Municipality: Porta Capena and Viale Baccelli affected

Translated by V. Zelada.

The Capitol Hill reveals that increased safety standards for those who travel on the streets will be affected by timely and punctual maintenance intervention works that  have started

in the territory of the I Municipio Roma Centro.

 The statement reads, " the worksites started last Nov. 14 in Piazza Porta Capena and along Viale Guido Baccelli. Once this first phase is completed, the interventions will also affect the central lanes of Via Angelo Emo and Via Barletta. The work, barring excessive weather precipitation, will be completed by mid-December and is being carried out at night from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., ensuring the usual use of the roads during the busiest traffic hours. The resurfacing project includes extraordinary maintenance works to restore the road pavement in depth, covering a development of about 1.6 kilometers and a total area of about 26 thousand square meters.

Specifically, the work involves resurfacing the road by milling the wearing course and bonding layer, with different types of work, up to a thickness of 10 cm depending on the state of deterioration of the road surface; cleaning the drains, the repair of torn-up verges and the paving of sidewalks that are particularly deteriorated; the resurfacing of paved road surfaces at the edge of the roadway; the resurfacing of road markings in the areas affected by the intervention; and the pruning, weeding and mowing of green weeds."

"This new tranche of work has also started," comments Roma Capitale's Councillor for Public Works and Infrastructure Ornella Segnalini, "since spring we have been intervening in all the municipalities and one step at a time we are remaking the face of the city, trying to be fast, offering the inhabitants of Rome a punctual and precise service. In this sense, speeding up procedures has been fundamental."