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No increase for the cost of tickets and subscriptions in Public Transport

Translated by V. Zelada.

As announced by Lazio Region

The price of local public transport tickets and subscriptions in Lazio will not increase. This was confirmed by the Lazio Region's Transport Councillor, Fabrizio Ghera, speaking in the Mobility Committee of the Lazio Regional Council on Tuesday, July 4.

Thus, no increase in Atac's ticket for Rome's buses and metro, as well as for the entire Metrebus system of Lazio Cotral and Trenitalia.

The ticket cost increase was scheduled to take effect Aug. 1 under last year's service contract between the Lazio Region and Trenitalia, which is part of the Metrebus consortium. "The previous regional council had established that the ticket increase would be triggered from August 1. With President Rocca, however, we thought that it was not right to intervene immediately without having reasoned and evaluated, possibly, different solutions". Therefore, the increase is averted. "We are looking for different solutions both in the regional budget and in the new allocation of the national transportation fund, in order to avoid the increase" the councilor stressed.

For avoiding the increase, "we will find a solution to protect those who are subscribers: commuters, workers or students, as opposed to those who make momentary, daily or sectoral use of public transportation, such as tourists" Ghera concluded.