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Parioli, sinkhole closed at Viale Buozzi: road accessable again

Translated by V. Zelada.

Details of the intervention

In the Parioli district, Viale Bruno Buozzi was reopened on Friday evening, April 7, from Viale delle Belle Arti in the direction of Via Gramsci. The street had been closed since the middle of last December due to a subsidence of the road surface caused by the rupture of a water pipe. This had resulted in a sinkhole 5 meters by 4 meters deep. 

As the Public Works Department explained in a note, "During the course of the work, a number of underground utility cables emerged that required more time to repair so as not to interrupt supplies to residents in the quadrant. The work is now complete, and upon completion of the sewer repair work by Acea, the asphalt layer and signage was also restored."

Also in Viale Buozzi, at the corner with Via Flaminia, an additional sinkhole was fixed on which Acea intervened by repairing the pipe break and restoring the state of the road.

"We have reopened Viale Bruno Buozzi. The connection with all those involved was fundamental," said Roma Capitale Public Works Councillor Ornella Segnalini, "and thanks to the interlocution we have solved a complex problem. Rome is a city that unfortunately bears the weight of its years, and the kilometers not only of roads but also of networks that run through it are many: between gas, water, sewage and stormwater networks we estimate about 20 thousand kilometers. Sudden occurrences happen, and that is why with Mayor Gualtieri we would like to create a task force to cut intervention time in half. I would like to thank Csimu and all utility managers for the work they do."

"This intervention was more complex than expected; in fact, the presence of many underground utilities involved essential coordination between managers. I would like to thank Councillor Segnalini for following this matter with determination. We have been behind all phases of the works, knowing of the inconveniences suffered by citizens. Today we finally achieved the result we were waiting for," says Municipality II Public Works Councillor Paola Rossi.

- The works-

The first intervention carried out by Acea involved the perimeter of the area with provisional site works to limit public safety. Then excavations were started for the identification and resolution of the issue. As a result of the excavation, three subservices infrastructures were found just above the broken sewer artifact (high voltage cable + water network + telecommunications cable). The presence of these cables made it impossible to carry out an immediate restoration repair of the broken sewer artifact. It was therefore necessary to intervene respecting all the subservices present by coordinating with the utility companies to complete the work.