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Patanè: "Transports beyond sufficiency, we are on the right track"

Translated by V. Zelada.

The snapshot by the Capitoline Agency for the control of the quality of public services, in the first year of the Gualtieri administration, highlights a perception of improvement on the part of by the Romans, “with public transport being above sufficiency": as Eugenio Patanè, Councillor for Mobility of Roma Capitale has released in a note.

"The ratings obtained in this report," continues Patanè "represent a good and important starting point for us with the goal of soon reaching the 2007 levels, when the rating of public transport was significantly better. The Romans' rating tells us on the one hand that there is still a lot of work to be done, and on the other that we are on the right path. In fact, the rating given by citizens exceeds sufficiency for all four survey items:

6.5 for taxi cabs; 6.4 for subways; 6.2 for buses and trams; and 6.1 for parking on blue parking spaces. The first three services showed a growth over the years 2020 and 2021. These are signs that give us great confidence, especially because they were obtained despite the initial difficulties and the dramatic situation inherited related to all the transport infrastructures - tramway armament, subways and transfer facilities - and concerning the companies, with Atac in composition with creditors and Roma Metropolitane in liquidation."

"We are certain, therefore," Patanè concludes, "that this is only a starting point and that the situation from here on will continue to improve, considering that of much of the work done in this first period, citizens do not and cannot have immediate perception, as these are measures, contracts, works, interventions, purchase of vehicles, which will see the light in the coming months, but especially in the coming years.