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Rome on the safe road," communication campaign kicks off

Translated by V. Zelada.

Carried out by Campidoglio and Roma Servizi per la Mobilità


"The communication campaign 'Rome on the safe road' - carried out by Roma Servizi per La Mobilità, in collaboration with the Department of Mobility and Roma Capitale - will start on Monday, February 20, to raise awareness among citizens to respect the rules and to behave properly when driving." The Capitoline Councillor for Transport, Eugenio Patanè, writes this on Facebook.

"The campaign will focus on three messages," Patanè adds, "avoiding the use of alcohol before driving; avoiding distractions by using smartphones and respecting speed limits. The three posters on which the campaign is centered will be put up throughout the city and on Atac bus timetables, on large LED fixtures, on buildings under restoration, and on poles and shelters at bus stops.

"Institutional social media posts and radio ads are also planned. These are some of the numbers of the campaign that will be "on air" for about a month and then will be repeated periodically throughout the year: 1,000 posters distributed throughout the territory; panels installed on 200 bus poles, 139 led bus shelters, 16 large led installations on historic buildings and 400 bus timetables."