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Second "Jubilee decree" coming: 184 interventions for nearly 3 billion

Translated by V. Zelada.

Mayor Gualtieri's points out

The second Decree of the Council of Ministers’ presidency dedicated to the Jubilee of 2025 is expected "soon."

The text, which will update the previous decree of December, "will include 184 interventions with funding of 2.9 billion euros," to which will be added other resources provided for Rome by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The investments and works, in addition to the Capital, will also involve its Metropolitan City and the provinces of Viterbo and Frosinone. Taking stock, as extraordinary commissioner for the Jubilee, was Mayor Gualtieri, who was heard by the special Capitoline’s commission specifically dedicated to the Holy Year.

"There are 124 interventions financed entirely by Jubilee funds," Gualtieri explained, of which 27 for Jubilee funding integrates the pre-existing one and 33 interventions financed outside of Jubilee resources for which seemed appropriate its inclusion in the program. The interventions, are divided into essential indifferent, to be delivered in a timeframe consistent for the Jubilee, and essential, which improve the life of the area. As for the division of funding, there are four areas: redevelopment and enhancement with 86 interventions; mobility with 52 interventions; reception and participation with 21 interventions; and environment and territory with 25 interventions."

As mentioned on other occasions, the funding will contribute to the resurfacing of the main road system and part of the municipal road system. Piazza dei Cinquecento, Piazza San Giovanni, and Piazza Risorgimento will be upgraded. At St. Peter's, a pedestrian underpass of Piazza Pia will be built (construction sites from July). At Tor Vergata, among other things, Calatrava's 'Vela' will be recovered and, on the transport front, shuttles will be put in place to connect with Metro A and C (a tram connection was envisaged, which could not be implemented in time for the Jubilee).