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Termini-Vatican-Aurelio’s tramway. Patanè: "It will bring the redevelopment of Via Nazionale."

Translated by V. Zelada.

Meeting with the Mobility and Urban Planning commissions.


During a joint meeting of the Mobility and Urban Planning commissions, Capitoline Transportation Councillor Eugene Patane took stock of the project for the new Termini-Vatican-Aurelio tramway.

"The TVA," he said, "will carry 3-4 thousand passengers every hour. The tramway, along Via Nazionale, will merge to the left, looking at the street with its back to Piazza della Repubblica, leaving an important space for private transportation. All the buses now on Via Nazionale and Corso Vittorio will be removed. In addition, the streetcar will also provide a substantial reduction in noise and vibration compared to buses. At largo Argentina there will be an interchange with tram 8."

"The TVA will bring a redevelopment of Via Nazionale, Via del Plebiscito and Corso Vittorio. We have given a mandate to La Sapienza for a study to that effect. I'm talking about the rearrangement of the axes concerned, with compatible materials, new trees, fountains, the widening of sidewalks in some cases, and pedestrian parts in others. The idea is to transform what is now a planning idea into a technical-economic plan. Our goal is to revive these axis streets to make them into living rooms of the city."

The intervention, co-financed by the PNRR under the Investment "Rapid Mass Transit Development"(M2C2-I.4.2), has a total value of more than 293 million euros and is aimed at integrating the existing tram system in connection with the metro lines in operation (line A, line B) and planned to be built (lines C and D).

The new infrastructure will make it possible to connect the interchange of Piazza dei Cinquecento - Termini with the western part of the city, realizing a sustainable and high-capacity surface transportation, with replacement of several bus lines, reduction of pollutants and improvement of service standards to the public.

For the work, "the first phase, with the Termini-largo Argentina section," Patanè again explained, "will be closed for the 2025 Jubilee. For the largo Argentina-piazza dei Giuriconsulti section, there is no deadline. To date, two bids have arrived from two groupings. Now Invitalia will have to choose the project. The work will take 12 and a half months, 5 of which will be to move the underground utilities and the others to lay the tracks and everything else."

The tramway route will be 8,319 meters long.