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Under 19, annual TPL season ticket at 50 euros. No rush, no click day

Translated by V. Zelada.

Applications on ATAC website from Sept. 7

The Capitol has approved a resolution providing for a reduction in local public transport fares for children under the age of 19.

From the morning of Sept. 7, for a fee of 50 euros, it will be possible to purchase the new title, which will last 365 days and will be valid on all ATAC buses, subways and trams, Roma TPL vehicles, regional trains and Cotral vehicles.

Full free public transportation for girls and children under 10 (they travel free, without a ticket, but accompanied by an adult) remains. And the benefit for students between 19 and 26 under 20,000 euros of ISEE income remains confirmed.

First clarification: this is not a click day, so no rush.  The under-19 facilitation is without an expiration date, so Roman citizens under the age of 19 will be able to buy an annual Metrebus local public transport season ticket at the single rate of 50 euros, for as long as they want . Those who already have an active subscription, either monthly/annual ordinary or subsidized, once it expires will be able to renew it for 50 euros, without any problems. Parameters with respect to age and location will continue as usual.

The annual season ticket will be granted to all Romans under age 19, there is no income limit.

Boys and girls will be able to access the facility through the ATAC website in the MyAtac section, independently if they are of age or through their parents/guardians if they are minors.

The changes were announced by Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri. "Thanks to the approved resolution," he said, "we will lower the cost of public transportation for our girls and boys in a really significant way. With an expenditure of 50 euros, practically 4 euros a month, you will have unlimited access to all local public transportation, with a significant reduction in the cost of the season ticket. We believe this is a piece of our strategy to incentivize the use of local public transport." 

For the Capitoline Councillor for Mobility, Eugenio Patanè, "the two requirements to be eligible for the new service are residency in Rome and being under age 19. For those who already have a Metrebus card, the procedure will be online (on the Atac website), while for those who do not have a Metrebus card, the process goes through registration on the ATAC website where the title can be acquired. Afterwards, one will be able to pay and physically pick up the subscription at an ATAC ticket office." 

"Our goal," also added Capitoline Assembly President Svetlana Celli, "was to give real and concrete help, in this time of difficulty, to so many families.”

The funds allocated for the initiative are 7.8 million euros.

Subsidies on the public transport subscription will also be added to the fare for scooters and rental bikes.