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The Vigna Clara railway station has reopened after 32 years.

Translated by V. Zelada.

La stazione VIgna Clare e le possibilità di mobilità in zona

It links up with the Linea A metro line and the FL3 Roma-Cesano-Bracciano-Viterbo railway line (at Valle Aurelia), as well as with the Linea B metro line at Ostiense.

At Vigna Clara, 18 trains run on a daily basis from Monday to Friday (12 on the Vigna Clara-Roma San Pietro route and 6 on the Vigna Clara-Ostiense route). 16 trains make the same round trips on Saturdays.

With the opening of the Vigna Clara station, 7.5 km of track between Vigna Clara and Valle Aurelia has been opened up that is travelled in about 10 minutes. The complete Vigna Clara-Roma Ostiense route is 22 km and has a 25-minute journey time.

The line’s routes.

Trains travelling on the Vigna Clara-San Pietro route make stops at Vigna Clara, Valle Aurelia and San Pietro. Travellers can change at the Valle Aurelia station with the Linea A metro line and the FL3 railway line. They can change at the San Pietro station with the FL3 railway line and also with the FL5 (Roma Termini/Civitavecchia) railway line.

Trains on the Vigna Clara-Roma Ostiense route make stops at Valle Aurelia and San Pietro, as well as Quattro Venti (Monteverde), Trastevere and Ostiense. At Trastevere, there are trains of the FL1 Fiumicino airport/Roma/Orte-Fara Sabina, FL3, FL5 railway lines. There is also an important ATAC terminus, where the 3, 228, 766, 773, 780, 786 and 871 bus lines stop, and where travellers can also change, among other things, with the 8 tram line and the H, 44, 75, 170, 719, 774 and 781 bus lines.

At Ostiense, there is, in addition to the railway station, also the Linea B metro line (Piramide station) and the Roma-Lido metro line (terminus at Porta San Paolo).

The stops on the FL1 railway line also include the stations of Roma Nomentana, Roma Tiburtina, Roma Tuscolana, Roma Ostiense and Roma Trastevere.

The stops on the FL3 railway also include the stations of Roma Tuscolana, Roma Tiburtina, Roma Ostiense, Valle Aurelia, Policlinico Gemelli, Roma Monte Mario and Roma San Filippo Neri.

The stops on the FL5 railway also include the stations of Roma Termini, Roma Tuscolana, Roma Ostiense, Roma Trastevere, Roma San Pietro and Roma Aurelia.

The reactivation of the Vigna Clara-Valle Aurelia section represents, as underlined by the “Ferrovie dello Stato” Italian railways, "an important first step towards the closure of the railway ring and a fundamental goal for sustainable transport in North Rome, thanks to the connection with the A and B metro lines and the FL3 railway line to Viterbo".

"The station's restyling has completely modified and renovated the passenger building, creating primary and secondary services for passengers, upgrading the platforms serving the trains, replacing the lifts, modernizing the technological rooms, lighting systems and signs. All of this improves the accessibility of the railway infrastructure, allowing transport services to be used by all citizens, without barriers and with ease. The total investment made for building the Vigna Clara station has been around EUR 6.1 million.”

dettaglio Stazione Vigna Clara
Interno stazione Vigna Clara
Esterno stazione Vigna Clara
Ingresso stazione Vigna Clara
Dettaglio ingresso stazione Vigna Clara
Dettaglio interno stazione Vigna Clara
Dettaglio interno stazione Vigna Clara