"Rome runs by bike": positive debut

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Positive debut for the public experimentation of the App “Rome runs by bike” created by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità. In just six days from the first release there are already 400 registered users. However, the App is constantly evolving. Yesterday's update will soon be followed by others. Stefano Brinchi, President and CEO of Roma Servizi per la Mobilità, says: "The number of registered users after less than a week confirms the validity of this initiative in favour of cyclists and sustainable mobility. We are particularly satisfied with the number of cyclists, because this is a public experiment in which the contribution of those who choose to participate is fundamental. Moreover, after less than a week, we are already receiving (through the mobility managers), the first requests for participation from companies that will study reward mechanisms for employees, who will move around by bike, through the App".

How "Rome runs by bike" works

The app, which was created to promote the use of two-wheeled pedals as well as electric scooters, is first and foremost a navigator capable of calculating the best route to a destination. During the journey, it monitors the movement and calculates some parameters of the trip such as distance, average speed, calories consumed and CO2 emissions saved. Citizens and companies that want to encourage more sustainable travel among their employees, and even shopkeepers who will be able to offer discounts to thoe who go shopping by bike can participate in the "Rome Runs by Bike" trial. To find out how to join, read here .

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