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METPEX is a research project - funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the EU - which aims to develop and evaluate a standardized instrument to measure the passengers' experience throughout their travels. METPEX stands for "a MEasurement Tool to determinate the quality of Passenger EXperience".
Results will assist policy makers in providing integrated transport services that are passenger-oriented and accessible to all citizens. The development of a valid and inclusive tool for measuring the passenger experience is in fact the first step in creating a public transport service that is accessible, integrated, high-quality and user-centric, making it possible to attract and guide users towards public transport, as well as satisfying the sustainability target.
The METPEX consortium is coordinated by Coventry University and brings together 16 European partners from 12 countries. The integrated approach to the measurement of the entire travel experience of the passenger will need to take into account human factors, socio-economic, cultural, environmental and geographic, in addition to the costing of "inaccessible transport" for different sectors of society. The estimate of the passenger's experience can be used to shift focus and innovation onto quality transportation from the user's viewpoint in this sector, furthermore allowing to support the integration of regional transport networks and facilitating the harmonization of behavioral research in all countries of the European Union.
Rome is one of eight case-study cities where the measuring tools will be tested; the study cities were chosen to represent different types of European cities in terms of size, location, population, participation in previous projects, inclusiveness and the support given for integrated solutions for sustainable transport. This diversity within the sample will provide greater applicability to test results.
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