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Mobility Manager

Roma Servizi per la Mobilità (RSM), on behalf of Roma Capitale, is an area Mobility Manager
for Rome: supports mobility managers in the drafting and implementation of corporate
mobility plans (also with technical training courses), supports the Mobility Department in the
preliminary investigation of co-funded projects, performs the monitoring of services and the
analysis of technical-economic reporting (since 2002, projects worth more than 2.5 million
euros have been co-funded), organizes thematic conferences, workshops, quadrant tables
with mobility managers, and develops initiatives for the dissemination of car sharing, car
pooling, smart working.
In particular, RSM is responsible for establishing, with corporate and school Mobility
 the promotion of the role of Company Mobility Managers.
 the encouragement of Company Mobility Managers to active participation
 the training activities
 the activity and projects that aggregate Companies in common sustainable mobility actions
the development of innovative projects for smart working, car pooling, corporate car sharing,
electric mobility, etc.
and also support:
 technical assistance
 the IT assistance (including remote assistance)
 the analysis of data provided by corporate mobility managers
 the certification and monitoring of corporate mobility plans (PMAs)
The Mobility Manager is not a technician, but a communicator. He or she is responsible for
analyzing the mobility needs of his or her company's employees and identifying timely and
effective solutions. Often this figure gravitates to the Personnel or General Affairs area.
The Mobility Manager has, therefore, a strategic role with the goals to:
 reduce the use of individual transportation in favor of collective transportation;
 promote information on mobility issues;
 encourage the gradual spread of vehicles with minimal environmental impact.

Under the Ronchi Decree, companies are invited to appoint a Mobility Manager and annually
submit the company's Corporate Mobility Plan (CMP) by sending an email to mobility-

Self-declaration Appointment Mobility Manager
Mobility Manager Nomination Form
There are more than 230 Mobility Managers appointed in Roman companies, representing a
system of more than 350,000 employees who move daily in the territory of Roma Capitale:

The school Mobility Manager is a figure who plays a key role in organizing how students travel
to achieve the goal of making the school a hub for sustainable mobility
Schools with Mobility Managers: (map)
Underlying the work of the school mobility manager is the realization that schools’’ initiatives
can have a major influence on the mobility choices of a significant portion of the urban
population: it has been calculated.
For example: aggregating three children in the home-to-school commute (2 km, 15
days/month, 9 months/year) results-, in addition to the elimination of 2 cars parked in front
of the school and economic and time benefits for parents-, in the elimination of 540 cars/km
per year from urban traffic and the non-emission into the atmosphere of 35.5 kg of CO2 and
other pollutants.
Schools that have appointed Mobility Managers (download nomination form)

The "Pedibus" experience at I.C. Purificato
o The role of the school leader
o The role of the mobility manager
o The role of the parents' committee
o The role of the neighborhood committee

Employees of Public Entities or affiliated participating companies and private companies with
Mobility Manager, can use Car Sharing Rome for any type of travel, even to go to work. Get to
your office quickly-thanks to the exclusive option that allows you to circulate on preferential
routes-and park freely using one of the many available parking spaces.

To encourage park+shuttle modal exchange, companies that offer their employees a shuttle
bus service connected to an exchange parking lot can apply to ATAC (for employees who
request one) for a Metrebus Parking free parking card.
The role of Roma Servizi per la Mobilità is to validate companies that meet the requirements
below by notifying ATAC, which will issue Metrebus Parking cards only to employees who are
not already annual Metrebus subscribers (annual subscribers already have the option to park
in the exchange parking lots).
The issuance of free Metrebus Parking cards is contingent on the applicant company having:
 appointed the Mobility Manager
 communicated the name to Roma Servizi per la Mobilità.
 drafted and sent to Roma Servizi per la Mobilità its Corporate Mobility Plan (PMA). In
particular, this document must provide that shuttle services are activated and must
describe their characteristics (number of lines, routes, frequencies, stops...)

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