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Pedestrianization of the "Tridente Mediceo" area

The Historic City Center and the Tridente neighborhood
The Historic City Center (defined as the area inside the Aurelian Walls), is the area with the greatest number of trips by motorized vehicle. The numbers speak for themselves: a total of 126,000 trips during rush hour, compared to about 600,000 trips in the entire Municipality of Rome (1,285 sq/km).
Of these 126,000 trips, 50% of them are made by public transport, 25% by car, 19% by motorcycle or scooter and only 6% prefer to walk, without counting the city users and tourists, who instead move about almost exclusively on foot or by using public transport, which has an offer in the historical center that is three times higher than the rest of the city (92 km of network for every sq km of surface area, compared to 26 in the urban city).
The interventions planned in the New General Plan of Urban Traffic, provide for the organization of the entire historical center into "environmental islands"; among them is the Tridente, the area between Piazza del Popolo, via del Babuino and Ripetta. There is also planned:
  • the full pedestrianization of the Spanish Steps
  • the pedestrianization of the secondary roads connecting to via del Corso
  • the redevelopment and partial pedestrianization of via del Babuino (transit allowed for authorized vehicles, but no parking)
  • the redevelopment and partial pedestrianization of via di Ripetta (transit is allowed, while parking is allowed for residents)
  • the reorganization of motorcycle parking spots, through reserved stalls at the edges of the area
  • the specific changes of the circulation scheme
  • the establishment of the Tridente Limited Traffic Zone, inside the "Historic City Center" ZTL
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