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Permit "Gran Turismo"

The Permit “Gran Turismo” allows buses to access and move in the A, B and/or C ZTL Bus Areas, according to the course authorized and to the vehicles authorized to operate:

  • Gran Turismo Lines (authorized by Roma Capitale or Other Companies)

  • Commercial Lines

  • Private School Lines (students transport to/from Institutes inside or near the C ZTL Bus Area, authorized by Roma Capitale and services using vehicles with anti-pollution parameter Euro 4 and superior, electric, hybrid, vehicles supplied with LPG fuel or methane buses

  • Lines running for Companies with Mobility Managers (without the issue of the Authorization C) 

Every permit (issued only as an annual subscription) must be relevant to the bus licence number plate and to an itinerary, located inside the A, B and/or C ZTL Bus Area. 

Requests for the permit can only be made online and it can be paid via credit card or SEPA (IBAN  IT 37 W 03069 05020 1000000 74777). The applicant has to select "request of a new GT subscription" and enclose the following documents:

  • copy of the registration certificate (or a temporary registration certificate, together with a bus fleet replacement declaration)

  • a valid copy of the specification which expressly indicates the following data: stops and service’s timetables or contract agreed with Companies having a Mobility Manager apointed

  • authorization to use the bus, only for “hired-with-driver” buses (NCC Bus) or for diverted bus lines 

  • copy of the bank transfer (only if payment is not made by credit card)

The Company, with the exception of the national, interregional and international GT lines, within 30 days of the Obu (on bord units) receipt and undertakes to attach, on his personal web page, the 2019 Gran Turismo’s loan agreement and the certificate of the OBU successful installation.

The permit “Gran Turismo” is valid for one year and must be paid in advance. A partial refund will be paid in the event that the full 12 months used paid has not been used.

A € 900,00
B € 3.200,00
C € 6.350,00
A € 700,00
B € 2.550,00
C € 5.100,00


It is possible to reprint a permit (at the cost of € 150  per operation) in the following cases:

  • change of licence plate for another vehicle

  • change of the line’s authorization

  • plate’s change for a new registration

  • change of the Company Name

  • loss/damage of the Permit sign


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