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Police permits

Permits for Police, firefighters, the prefecture of Rome, the municipal police of Roma Capitale, the provincial police and the police forces of the central superintendency of security services of the Presidency of the Republic.

The Capitoline Committee, with resolution no. 244/2014, amended the previous deliberations of the Committee and has provided the following:

the issuing of permits for transit only or for circulation and parking in the specific Limited Traffic Zone (LTZ) in which there is located the operational office of Police Force (Police, Carabinieri, Finance Police, State Forestry, Prison Police, Provincial Police and Police Forces of the Central Superintendency of the Security Service of the Presidency of the Republic), of the Fire Department, of the Prefecture of Rome and of the Local Police of Roma Capitale for which there has been filed a request for the sticker;

as part of what is stated in the preceding paragraph, to grant the permit for transit only to persons who have at their availability a parking space assigned from their own office of reference;

to extend the granting of permits also to the civil staff in service at the aforementioned Police forces, Fire Brigade, Prefecture of Rome or the Local Police of Roma Capitale;

to grant the issuance of permits referred to in this provision to staff - operational and civil - employed in tours of duty beginning at times before 6:00 am and/or whose shift ends after 11:00 pm, that is, at hours in which the nocturnal reduction of services for Local Public Transport is scheduled;

to subject the granting of permits to the condition of accessing the LTZ from a specific entry passageway. This indication must be made by the applicant and confirmed by the head of his or her own office of reference;

to confirm the issuance of permits to private cars, where the official cars were not sufficient to the needs of the operational structure;

to establish, in favor of these bodies of the Police Forces, the following caps of transit-only or circulation and parking permits, which will allow access to the Limited Traffic Zone (LTZ) where the operational office of reference is located, with exclusive use of one gate of entry specifically indicated by the applicant

Name of the Entity


State Police




Financial Police (Guardia di Finanza)




Prison Police


Fire fighters


Rome Prefecture


Local Police of Roma Capitale


Provincial Police


Central Superintendency of the Security Service of the Presidency of the Republic


The existing rules are confirmed, regarding the possibility of authorizing a single license plate for each sticker issued and regarding the validity of the stickers (set at 12 months from the date of issue).

Transit-only permit

Carsup to 19 fiscal horsepower

Cars from 20 to 23 hp

Cars from 24 hp and over

Gas and Diesel cars

€ 76.00

€ 91.00

€ 106.00

LPG, natural gas, hybrids and electric-bimodal cars

€ 76.00

€ 87.26

€ 98.50

ISO 9001