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POLIS network

Cities and Regions for a better transport
Polis project started in 1989 and consists of a network of European cities and regions working together to develop innovative technologies and policies for local transport.
The aim of the project is to improve local transport through the study and application of integrated strategies taking into account economic, social and environmental issues at stake. Polis facilitates the sharing of experiences and knowledge between local and regional authorities. Polis actively promotes dialogue between local authorities and other stakeholders (industry, universities and research centers, NGOs).
Polis promotes cooperation and partnerships across Europe in order to make research and innovation in transport accessible to cities and regions. Polis actively supports the participation of its members to European projects and participates as a partner to some of these projects. This facilitates the creation of a formal framework for exchanges among the research community regarding transport in Europe and the local authorities.
The activities of Polis are organized around four core themes (the "thematic pillars") of urban policy and sustainable regional transport:
  • Environment and health
  • Mobility and efficiency
  • Transport safety and security
  • Economic and social aspects of transport
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