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Ponte Ostiense: reduced travel times between colombo and Viale Marconi's area

From Ostiense station to Garbatella in less than a minute. In June 2012, the new Ostiense station overpass was opened to traffic: it connects circonvallazione Ostiense with via Ostiense. The direct connection streamlines considerably the area's traffic; motorists are in fact no longer forced to flank the train tracks.
Designed by engineer Francesco Del Tosto, the bridge is characterized by a reticular structure composed of massive steel pipes painted white and is part of a more complex project that, among other things, provides for the construction of the new ponte dell'Industria, which will link via Ostiense with viale Guglielmo Marconi.
Roughly 160 meters long (of which about 125 are entirely suspended above the tracks of the Metro B line), the Ostiense overpass cost about 15.4 million euro and consists of a road platform consisting of two separate roadways, each with three lanes in each direction. Finally, a bike path was created (separated from the road by a "neutral" zone) about a meter and a half wide. 
"The new overpass is a strategic work of infrastructure for the mobility of the quadrant", said the Capitoline commissioner of Public Works and for the Suburbs, Fabrizio Gera, "and it allows us both to strengthen the road network in the Ostiense are and to reduce travel times spent by citizens to travel from via Cristoforo Colombo to the area of ​​viale Marconi."
With the construction of the infrastructure, the viability of the area has also been revised. In particular, the engineers of the Agenzia per la Mobilità have revised the system of traffic lights of the surrounding streets, from the intersection of circonvallazione Ostiense ring, via Girolamo Benzoni and via Giacomo Pullino, and changes have been made to the routes of some bus lines running in the area.
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