School services

Roma Servizi per la Mobilità supports the School and Education Department of Roma Capitale in carrying out mobility interventions and analysing school transport services for disabled and able-bodied students and Roma people children, through the implementation of various activities:

  • planning and projecting networks, defining operating programs

  • monitoring the service provided and monthly certification of the same coordination

  • controlling and measuring the quality parameters on all the vehicles (every 2 months, for a total of 230 reviews/month)

  • controlling the logistic structures, bus depots (every 4 months) and operating staff; reporting fines for service managers

  • supporting the organization of supplementary transport services for schools.

For information, reports and complaints you can contact the Transport Office of your Borough.

School buses

The reserved school transport service is currently divided into 4 lots: A, B, C plus lot D (this one assigned through a European call for bids).

Lots A-B-C include school transport services for Roma students and able-bodied students from nurseries, primary and secondary schools (1° grade), on the territory of Roma Capitale.

Lot D includes school transport services for students with disabilities from nurseries, primary and secondary (1° and 2° grade) schools.

445 lines (used by about 10,000 students) operated in the schoolyear 2015/2016, divided as follows:

  • 194 for able-bodied students

  • 30 for Roma students

  • 221 for students with disabilities.