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Historical Centre

Boundaries and operating hours of ZTL’s daytime and nighttime

Daytime Operating Hours (yellow borders)

Electronic gates operate:

  • 6.30 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday (except on public holidays)

  • 2 pm to 6 pm, on Saturdays (except on public holidays)

Nighttime Operating Hours (blue area)

  • 11 pm to 3 am, on Fridays and Saturdays (except on public holidays)

  • In August, nighttime ZTL is suspended

Permits for ZTL Historical Centre

Residents and other categories entitled to a permit for the area, as well as people with disabilities owning a specific permit, can access the area with the authorized vehicles (displaying the permit on the windscreen), drive through the whole area and park in the designated parking spaces and any other parking areas. Depending on the type of permit, the owner is allowed to either transit (just drive through the area) or access, drive and park in the area. Permits for the ZTL Trastevere (for residents, domiciled people, artisans, owners of repair garages and people doing night shifts) are not valid for other LTZ in the Historical Centre.


Categories that can access ZTL:

  • Taxis and NCC (chauffer driven car rentals)

  • Motorbikes and mopeds can always access the LTZ. They can park only in the designated parking spaces.

  • All only-electric vehicles may circulate within the ZTL (limited traffic zones) in Rome with a registration

Parking on the street

With Council Resolution no. 360 of December 23, 2014, the following has been deliberated:

  • residents in via dell'Oca, via della Penna, via Principessa Clotilde (from via Ferdinando di Savoia to via dell'Oca), via Maria Adelaide (from via Ferdinando di Savoia to via della Penna) and in via Ferdinando di Savoia can park (by exposing their specific LTZ resident sticker) in the spaces reserved for them in via di Passeggiata di Ripetta and in Lungotevere in Augusta (from via di Ripetta to Ponte Margherita, on the Passeggiata di Ripetta side);

  • residents in via Gregoriana (on the right side when facing Piazza Trinita dei Monti) can park (by exposing their specific LTZ resident sticker) in the spaces reserved for them in via Gregoriana, in piazza Trinita dei Monti (left side) and in viale Trinita dei Monti (right side, from via di San Sebastianello to the first pedestrian ramp);

  • those residing in the LTZ A1, who are in possession of a valid sticker, are allowed to park in the aforementioned spaces.

ISO 9001