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Satellite monitoring

The AVM system is a key tool for the integrated management of urban mobility.

The AVM allows the automatic acquisition of the main operating data of the LPT (Local Public Transport) and therefore the managing of the information flow to regulate the service.

The main services provided by the system are:

  • remote control and monitoring of vehicles
  • collecting service data
  • providing passengers with information
  • support for planning, programming, maintenance, and managing the service.

The project allows to monitor the entire fleet of Atac and Roma TPL vehicles and provides passengers with information through 300 electronic displays: this service information is one of the system’s applications for the satellite monitoring of the fleet and it allows to detect the position of each vehicle.

Each vehicle communicates its position to the Mobility Control Centre, which calculates the time of arrival of the vehicle at the stop and forwards it to the pole displays in real time.

The underlying philosophy was to develop a system that could provide users with correct information (electronic displays) and monitoring the fleet at the same time, in accordance with the existing contract with Roma Capitale, concerning the operating mode of the local public transport entrusted to ATAC and Roma TPL.  

Given the complexity of Rome and its urban layout, the result achieved with 300 electronic poles installed has been significant both in terms of technological quality of the product and in relation to the other major Italian and European cities.


ISO 9001