The "Tuscolana" Bike lane

Work is on the way to build the Tuscolana bike lane which reconnects to both the route planned for the GRAB (inside the Quadraro Vecchio area) and the existing bike lane running along Fulvio Nobiliore. The latter bike lane, in the direction of Avenue Giulio Agricola, crosses via Lemonia and arrives at Parco Acquedotti, while on the other side, at Via Santi Romano – it connects to via Palmiro Togliatti.

The bike lane along Via Tuscolana (which will be 2.2 km long in each direction of travel, with a width of 170 cm) will be placed next to the side walk, separated from the parking lot by a protective curb. The platforms for the bus stops along the route will be renewed, separated from the sidewalk by the same bike lane and equipped with protective elements that go in the direction of the two pedestrian crossings (located at the two ends of the platform).


percorso ciclabile Tuscolana