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Webmaster tools

Mobility information on your website

Muoversi a Roma's services for webmasters allow you to include in your website personalised mobility information services:

  • “Find the Route” will allow your users/clients to get directions to get to you, by car or public transports

  • “Find the right bus” will show all the nearest bus stops, upcoming buses and the estimated waiting time

  • “Find the location” is ideal for organisations that have more than one office. It allows clients to find the nearest office or the easiest one to get to on a route origin-to-destination.

As easy as copy and paste

You do not need any particular skills to offer mobility information services. You can define interest resources through a simple web interface. The system will generate the HTML code to include in your page.

You will be able to choose how to offer this service to your users:

  • through an iframe, inserting the Javascript application in your website
  • inserting a link to our web page 
  • adding a form in which users can put their location, to start the service; you can choose to paste a pre-defined form (maximum development speed) or personalise the HTML code to integrate it in your website.


1.      Visit the page (you have to sign in and register)

2.      Create at least one "resource type" - e.g. "Shops"

3.      Click on the button “Create/edit resources”

4.      Create resources (for example shops) adding the addresses and changing the position on the map.

5.      Choose which services to include in your website. Do you want to include “Find the location”? Click on the button “Incorporate find the location” in the section Types of resources. If you are interested in “find the bus” or “find the route”, click on the correspondent button in the Resources section.

6.      Copy the HTML code that you are interested in and paste it on your web page… Done!

Note: you need to create one type of resource even if you are only including one resource.

Personalise it

Icons on the map

An icon indicates the resources on the map. The pre-defined icon, pin_red.png, resides on the server of Muoversi a Roma. If you prefer to show a personalised icon, make it available on your web server, edit the type of resource that you want to associate to the icon and insert the URL of the icon in the field Icon.

Advanced Options

Users of your website will have the chance to define the advanced options of the service, like the travel preference or what public transports to use. You can edit the pre-defined values by adding specific parameters to the system generated code. Check the documentation to find out which parameters are available.

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