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Enhanced traffic flow and safety of the A. Gemelli Polyclinic road network

Today, the area is affected by vehicular traffic of a type that is not compatible with the existing roads and above all, with the characteristic functions of the roads in the area, which accommodate a variety of activities, not least those linked to the hospital structure, in particular the access system to the 'Gemelli'.


The presence of the Giovanni XXIII Gallery and the Gemelli hospital complex, which both exist in the same area of via Trionfale-via della Pineta Sacchetti, have generated an overlap of functions that is very difficult to manage. In particular, there is a very high level of through-traffic, even on those sections of the road which typically serve local functions, such as the section of Via della Pineta Sacchetti at the entrance to the hospital. The project addresses these problems by diversifying the accesses to Gemelli and to the cross routes of the most critical road sections.


The goal of the planned interventions are the redevelopment of the area in question through:

  • improved flow of vehicular traffic (public and private);
  • ensuring greater accessibility to the hospital facilities, by private and public transport;
  • improving the safety conditions of pedestrian access routes to the hospital facilities.

Therefore, the work is aimed at developing a series of interventions which want to make the internal areas and the areas within the study, more efficient and liveable by limiting vehicular traffic to relevant movements only and favouring as much as possible the liveability of the area, local functions and accessibility to the Policlinico Agostino Gemelli. And finally,by increased pedestrianism and "gentler" modes of movement.


Via Trionfale - north entrance

Ingreesso nord, planimetria

With regards to the traffic light interventions and the new rules of entry and exit to and from the hospital, the roadworks provide for the enlargement of the traffic island on the side of Via Trionfale and the demolition of part of the flowerbed for the construction of the new entrance lane for those coming from Via Mario Fani. Therefore, it will be possible to directly access the areas inside the hospital without necessarily having to reach Via della Pineta Sacchetti and the South entrance. Also,vertical and horizontal road signs will be erected to regulate the road and to indicate the new structures and new rules.

Via della Pineta Sacchetti (Gemelli Sud)

Ingresso sud, planimetria

This intervention will involve some specific works along Via della Pineta Sacchetti in correspondence with the main entrance to the Gemelli hospital (south side). These interventions include the rearrangement of the area in front of the above-mentioned entrance dedicated to the parking of taxis, and the widening of the pavement that goes from the hospital entrance to Via di Villa Maggiorani near the bus stop, bringing its width to 1.50 m as required by the Highway Code. This path will be protected by a series of bollards along its entire length

Viale dei Monfortani

(inserire planimetria)

This intervention foresees the reduction of the traffic island on via Trionfale in relation to viale dei Monfortani and the reshaping of the pavements on the same to create two lanes of equal dimensions that go from via Trionfale to via Acquedotto del Peschiera. On via A. del Peschiera the merging lane from viale dei Monfortani will be extended onto a contra-vehicle lane used both as an entry lane onto the main road system and a section for parking in line and returning to via Trionfale. Therefore, the junction will be on Via A. del

Peschiera at about 100 m from Viale dei Monfortani avoiding the dangers of the direct junction with Via di Torrevecchia, as better shown in the project plans.

Via di Villa Maggiorani 

This intervention envisages the construction of a return route for those coming from Via Trionfale and needing to return in the opposite direction, avoiding the need to go as far as the main entrance (south entrance) of the hospital.

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