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Communication campaigns

Roma Servizi per la Mobilità plans and designs information campaigns on private and public mobility

In the past few years, in order to give information on new mobility infrastructures, Roma Servizi per la Mobilità has managed to reach the whole territory advertising the opening of the Metro B1, the following extension to Jonio station, the opening of Metro C (first 2 sections) and the following reorganization of bus routes connecting the new metro stations and surrounding areas. Users were informed both via audiovisuals broadcasted on the News network and digital channels and with leaflets, dedicated info points in the neighborhoods and metro stations, boards advertising open-day events and so on.

The main concern on road safety is focussed on young people; Roma Servizi per la Mobilità targeted it with info points in universities, conventions in high schools to inform students on this matter. Roma Servizi per la Mobilità also launched a Campaign-Competition called “Keep calm and slow down”. The aim was for students to produce a short film on dangerous behaviour while driving at night.

To promote the growth of the car sharing service, Roma Servizi per la Mobilità designed a campaign that had a strong territorial dimension, using the News network and social media as well as location-based advertising, opening events for new parking areas and promoting the service at fairs and shows.

A viral communication campaign was designed on behalf of Roma Capitale to meet the European Cycling Challenge. All the main cycling associations were involved to hand out communication material and digital content.

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