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#VIALIBERA will be repeated in a version BY NIGHT

Data di inizio dell'evento: 
Saturday 17 July 2021 for the entire evening, from 7.00 p.m. to midnight, a ring of streets of about 8 km will be closed to traffic and dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists.
Among the streets involved are: via Cola di Rienzo, via del Corso, via dei Fori Imperiali, largo Corrado Ricci, via Vibenna and via di San Gregorio, via Labicana, viale Manzoni, via di Santa Bibiana, via Tiburtina (up to via dei Reti). Along the ring a series of initiatives, events, activities and neighbourhood festivals will enrich itineraries, strengthen a new cultural approach to mobility and a new use of the road, on a human scale as well as safeguarding the weakest users. Every activity and initiative proposed will have to be planned in full compliance with the health regulations in force. The project is promoted by Roma Capitale, coordinated by the Department for the "City on the Move", with the Departments for "Sport, Youth Policies and Major Events", "Cultural Growth", "Environmental Sustainability", "Economic Development, Tourism and Employment", "Person, School and Community Solidarity", and it is managed by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità with the collaboration of the Municipalities, the Local Police and Zètema- Culture Project.
The various entities (shops, bars, restaurants, gyms, etc.) and points of interest (museums, libraries, schools, historic buildings, exhibition spaces, cultural institutes, etc.) located along or near the route are fully involved in the initiative, with targeted or planned activities. In line with the experiences of other countries, #VIALIBERA implements the aims and objectives of the General Urban Traffic Plan (Del. A.C. n. 21 of 16 April 2015) with initiatives aimed at increasing the "liveability" of urban areas and the quality of life of citizens; reducing the levels of pollution, congestion and road accidents; encouraging "active mobility" on foot and by bicycle; offering spaces for social initiatives and moments of social interaction. In addition, #VIALIBERA is linked to the indicators in the Administration's Planning Guidelines (Resolution A.C. no. 9 of 3 August 2016) to increase the number of spaces dedicated to pedestrians in Rome, and in all the Municipalities, while at the same time making it possible to verify transitional and definitive spaces for pedestrians already being studied by the Administration in the same Municipalities and to promote new ones.
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