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Mobility Report 2020

This second edition of the Mobility Report of Roma Capitale highlights how in 2019 the overall transportation system of our city has witnessed an important evolution. The mobility offer has increased in most of its components, both in terms of infrastructure and mobility services for citizens.

All public transport services registered an increase in production: +1.4% for buses and electric vehicles, +1.7% for subway lines and +5.0% for trams. The data also shows a "strong expansionary thrust" in the field of sustainable mobility: from the increase of bike lanes and mobility managers in schools and companies to the installation of new columns for electric charging, up to the promotion and intensification of sharing services. These are all indicators of a system that is changing, in the wake of the guidelines outlined by Pums, the Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility, the strategic planning tool that guides our policies on transport and mobility.

It is a process that began in the last three years and that this year, during the months of the health emergency, has also seen profound changes both in people's travel habits and in the collective vision of mobility. Therefore, today more than ever, we are aware of how important it is to promote and give space to more diversified, integrated and environmentally friendly forms of mobility, always bearing in mind the characteristics of the urban and socio-economic fabric of our city.

Pietro Calabrese
Deputy Mayor of Roma Capitale
Councillor for the City in Motion

Rapporto della Mobilità 2020

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